Detached automatic build

I suppose many of you use a full-fledged IDE, which does everything from sock knitting to timing your tea. I'm not like that. I prefer the UNIX way of doing things, where each program does its part, and there are other programs to orchestrate them. This holds true for my development environment as well; I use VIM as a text editor, GIMP as image editor, Blender as a modeler, GCC as a compiler and GNU Make to orchestrate the build. GIMP and Blender actually doubles as background build tools, exporting to game readable files, but no need to be fundamentalist about it. One important feature I've added on top is the automatic build trigger, which immediately tells me the status of the build whenever I change something. Sure Eclipse does this as well, as I'm sure Visual Studio does as well, showing compile errors as soon as you make them, but does it show you the errors in the bones of your 3D model, or automatically generate PDFs of your documents when they've changed? Perhaps it's not actually into sock knitting after all.

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