Choco - Coming December 2013

The galaxy is divided, three major organizations each control their own realms in times of relative peace. However, a few border systems are not so lucky. Rich on resources and of utmost strategic importance, the fight for their control is fierce, and more often than not, all three organizations are present, each trying to gain the upper hand and outmaneuver the other two. These planets have been populated for generations, and the people must be liberated from the terrors of your enemies.

Boots are on the ground, yours are among them. A private, fresh out of camp, you better follow orders if you want to survive. Do your job well, and you'll be rewarded, perhaps even promoted. Climb the ranks and one day you might be the one ordering your soldiers into battle for the final push towards victory. So pick a side, saddle up, and join the battle, this is your time.

Core game features

Choco's core game mechanic is a dual-stick shooter, however, it has more elements from a third-person shooter then a classic dual-stick shooter game, just being very third-person in that it's viewed from above.

Along the way we're developing our own custom game engine which will allow Choco to deliver procedurally generated, destructible environments, no campaign will ever be the same, just the way we want it to be.

Multiplayer gaming is built into the design with multiple game modes

  • Co-op join in, let your friends join your campaign
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Classic multiplayer modes, such as team deathmatch
  • Unconventional warfare; Co-op or single player special operations missions


We're hoping to release Choco and during 2015, where we'll be hoping to run it through Steam Greenlight, so be sure to give it your vote once it's up. Supported platforms will be Windows and Linux, and — if all goes well — Mac OS X.


Screencap Saturday

Screenshot Saturday turns into Screencap Saturday this time around to actually show off some movement in Choco. Walking around in the in the procedurally generated world, running into an eerily immobile squadron at the end.

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Smoking hole

With a destructible environment, you're bound to have some smoking holes in the ground. Unfortunately, the biggest hole right now is sitting right where the time plan used to be.

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